Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Highlights (Updates) of today's Webinar :-

* The Perfect Homepage link is http://www.perfectinter.net/ (what an intelligent name) .....but it will ready in another 24-36hrs......Hence P.S.P. (Profit Sharing Phenomenon) Will Stay Open for Another 24-36 hs. or Until we Reach 6,000,000 Members..... to allow our technicians to transfer 6 million people from wazzub(dot)info to http://www.perfectinter.net/ ...... this is to avoid down time or being shut down......our programmers need more time to prepare and transfer data......no company has ever had to do it at launch.....so we will get more time to add pre-launch members until they are ready.......and then we will be down for a short time 6 hours or so to do the acutal transfers.

** We the Pre Launch Members will receive Money for our $ factors every month and also Deal Points Every Month......we will have our $Factors frozen at the end of April.....AND we get matching Deal Points / every month.....WOW whatever your $Factor is at the end of April....your Deal Points will be matched..... And both will remain the same every month.......You will also be able to earn more Deal Factors indefinitely..... Deal factors will be converted to deal points.... always

*** The exact payment method will be available only to those who qualify for payment at the end of April.....Beginning May 1st eligible people can choose their payment method in their backoffice.

Share this with all your members ASAP. Great news is the prelaunch offer is still open till we reach 6 million strength......You have more time now, don't waste it

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